Located at the center of Liaodong peninsula, along the east coast of Bohai Sea and at the estuary of Daliao River, Yingkou was once known as “the Oriental Trade Concourse” and “Shanghai beyond the Great Wall”. Today, Yingkou is an essential hub along the international maritime-railway multimodal transport passage, an important traffic node of the “belt and road” strategy. In particular, it boasts the Yingkou Free Trade Zone based upon the high and new technology development zone.

Xinfeng Pipe Fittings Co. Ltd sits right at this charming coastal city with bountiful resources and strong growth momentum. Covering 65,000m2 in Yingkou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Xinfeng is growing strong with some advanced manufacturing technology and equipment as well as the experienced personnel. With over two decades of dedication to modern industrial casting, Xinfeng’s technical personnel are leading the production of spheroidal graphite cast iron pipe fittings into a new chapter.
Production: international standard, keep improving
At the forefront of the competitive international market, to the principle of stringent quality control, with pipe fittings manufactured to conform to the international standards such as the ISO2531, BSEN545 and the American standards ANSI/AWWI C153, C110and GB13295.The company is particularly proud of its adoption of the green casting initiative through the Evaporative Pattern Casting (EPC) process, the“21 century manufacturing process”.?
The Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) has been set up for the molding process, from cultivation, molding, splicing to coating and drying. Likewise the implementation to a series of processes including packing, spheroidizing and vacuum casting etc, a thorough inspection comprises of various tests including metallographic examination, spectral analysis, chemical analysis, tensile experiment, hardness testing, hydrostatic test, ultrasonic wall thickness measurement etc is performed on each and every fittings to ensure the superior product quality.
Xinfeng’s products are available within the range of DN80 to DN2600, with jointing in such forms as T, K, K2, NI, NⅡ, MJ and ES. The annual production capacity includes over 15,000 tons of straight pipes and special spheroidal graphite cast iron pipe fittings. Xingfeng’s achievements attribute to its market recognition, including the accolades by a number of national, ministerial and provincial honors.
Cooperation: advantaged and honest
Tapping on the unparalleled geographical location and transport advantages with close proximity to Harbin-Dalian Highway, Harbin-Dalian High Speed Train and seaports like Yingkou and Dalian, Xinfeng has reached out to the great global markets in the Middle East, America, Europe, Africa and South-East Asia and more.
Today, Xinfeng has been a preferred working partner for a multitude of domestic and international water, gas and oil transportation projects such as Ethiopia’s Djibouti water supply project, Dubai Mall & Burj Khalifa Tower underground water pipeline, Duha Hamad International Airport water pipeline. Bangladesh’s Chittagong water supply project and Khulna Project, Turkey’s water diversion project, Saudi Arabia’s water supply project, Dongjiang diversion project water system equipment procurement of ductile iron pipe and fittings of DN2200 K2 in Chenzhou. Pipe procurement of DN2400 at the first block of Daxing branch of water diversion project from south to north and so on.
While the company is enjoying a large worldwide customer base, Xinfeng also maintains close business relationships with renowned international companies including American SIGMA, American SIP Industries,Korean KSP, British Greenary, Australian TYCO, Indian ECL,Japan KUBOTA Water Environmental Engineering  Department Overseas,Chinese conglomerates and China Minmetals Group, China National Chemical Corporation, Sinohydro Corporation, China Geo-Engineering Corporation and CGCOC Group Co., Ltd.
Scientific production technology, strict quality management, advanced service concept, honest sales price.
Under the leadership of its president Wei Li, Xinfeng is committed to further advancement through technical know-how, excellent customer service as well as the timely delivery. Xinfeng strives to become an exemplary Chinese pipe fitting enterprise that’s bigger, stronger with a greater future.